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Ron Kennedy
Steady Ink Tattoo

Through a series of questions they identified my target audience. Then, we ran ads directed at those consumers. Needless to say, the ads worked like a charm, I saw my ROI ailmost immediately!


Rhonda Crenshaw
JG Credit Advisors

Rico is smart, forward-thinking, proactive, & insightful. he grasped what I wanted to do & got to work. He analyzed my challenges and proposed great solutions.I'm confident in his ability...you should be too.


Kevin Griffin
Griffin Enterprises

Wildfire has implemented a clear social media strategy which has increased our brand recognition & engaged us with a broad audience of consumers...Wildfire represents us in a positive, professional way.


who we are

From paid advertising and community management to website development and graphic design, we’re your one-stop-shop for effective digital marketing strategies. Utilizing in-depth targeting and eye-catching graphics, we deliver amazing content, high-quality leads, and massive brand growth for our clients. We know what consumers want and how to reach and convert them into loyal customers and brand advocates. Ready to turn up the volume of your marketing?

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We are an analytics-first marketing agency with all-inclusive solutions for the digital age. Take control of your social media & make more money through immediate, consistent, and intelligent social media advertising. Place targeted ads on prominent websites, such as Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.​ Our Pay-Per- Click advertising positions your website higher in your market on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We promote your brand, products and services, reaching your ideal customer at the moment they are making buying decisions, so your advertising dollars are spent efficiently & effectively. Eliminate wasteful ad spending with ads people are interested in & are targeted accurately. 

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Strong website strategies lead to success. We create custom websites to enhance your company's image. You'll have consistency & congruency across all devices. If you've got a vision but are not sure where to start, we listen to your needs and tailor your site for maximum engagement. We design beautiful websites with compelling copy; flawless imagery; and innovative marketing hooks that drive traffic and convert visitors into customers. We work hard for our clients to build a lasting brand with immediate ROI.


We've been able to create some amazing results for some amazing brands and it all started with a sound strategy and an in-depth understanding of our clients’ vision and goals. Sign Up to get your free consultation.

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