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Your Ideal Customers

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Our detailed targeting pinpoints your ideal customers. We guarantee your advertising dollars are only spent on the consumers who matter most. What are you waiting for?

who we are

We are digital marketers, graphic artists, and web designers who pride ourselves on going the extra mile, doing what's right, and delivering results...from Search Engine Advertising to Website Designs or Social Media to Graphic Design, we're your one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs. We've got you covered! Through precise targeting, eye-catching graphics, and amazing content we deliver the results you need to achieve your goals. 

what we do

Your advertisements will only be shown to the consumers who are actively searching for your products and services. And imagine the smile on their faces when they click your ad and get exactly what they're looking for. And how good would it make you feel to be the chosen solution to their problems? Well, we make it possible...using cutting edge tools we improve your results and increase your return on investment. And the best part is, your advertising dollars are only spent on the consumers who engage with your ads.

  • First, we get to know you. We listen to understand your brand and your specific needs. We gain insight into your individual challenges and provide solutions that will put you on track to accomplish your marketing goals.
  • Next, we'll identify your Unique Selling Points, your ideal customers, and create your buyer personas.
  • Then, we'll target your buyer personas with content that appeals and engages them. Your content will be informative and valuable, as well as interesting and engaging to your target audience.
  • And, as your brand grows, we'll continuously refine your strategy to grow with you.

our approach

our services




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graphic design

our work

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Here's what our clients say...

Wildfire Social Media Marketing Testimonial 1

Kim Bridges

They designed us a beautiful website that's user-friendly...but the best part is the conversions.

Wildfire Social Media Marketing Testimonial 2

Erin Schwartz

They've implemented a clear strategy with measurable goals. The return on my investment has been many times over.  

Wildfire Social Media Marketing 3

John Taylor

Loving the exposure, traffic, and sales. My business has grown every month. I highly recommend Wildfire SMM.

Whether you’re trying to enlist an agency, improve your marketing results, or leave behind an agency you no longer want to work with, we're here to help. Take the first step! 

Let us know a little bit about who you are and we'll get to work.

What are the benefits of Wildfires targeting?

Effective Marketing Strategies
By recognizing the needs of your customers, you can identify more effective ways to reach them and improve their interactions and experience with your business.

More Efficient Spending
You'll have better returns on investment because you’ll waste less money on marketing that reaches the wrong audience.

Higher Quality Leads
The more targeted your marketing is, the better your leads become. You’ll reach the right people and they’ll grow to know you!

​Identify Niche Markets
We'll help you recognize areas of the market you hadn't considered before and help you develop a market penetration strategy. This might even lead to the development of new products that are aimed specifically towards these markets.

Improved Customer Retention
By identifying your customers by their needs, you can market  irresistable offers that will be reasons for a return visit. This is proven to increase customer retention, customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Differentiating Your Brand
Your customers will see the true value of your brand via marketing that speaks to them – and in doing so we put you head and shoulders above your competitors.

More Focus
Your marketing becomes focused on your customers’ needs, your business focus will be meeting those needs, your spending will be focused on achieving these, and not wasted on mistargeted marketing. Everything becomes better suited to giving your customers what they need, and as a result, your business becomes exactly the sort of business they want to buy from.

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